• Barack Obama Proves He's Liberal with State of the Union Guests

    Barack Obama

    Everyone's excited for the president's big State of the Union address tonight (spoiler: the state of the union is extremely messy, and you better not even think about going out tonight with all that dependence on foreign oil lying around, young lady).

    But that excitement may be for the wrong reasons. Sure, Herman Cain is going to say some words that may constitute a response. And sure, there's some added drama because it turns out the rumors about Mitt Romney being richer than God are true.

    But the real story is Obama's guest list

    Along with Warren Buffett's secretary, who is said to pay a higher tax rate than her billionaire boss, there will be… a gay Air Force colonel who lives openly with her partner after the demise of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy — and who is off to Afghanistan in the spring as an intelligence officer…

    There is a mayor whose city-owned utility is installing one of the nation's largest solar electric plants; the founder of a solar-energy electronics firm; [and] a laid-off furniture worker who retrained and landed a job making blades for wind power turbines…

    What, no commune-dwelling granola-makers who derive warmth by burning American flags?

    In all seriousness, though, it's good that Obama is making his political views clear through his State of the Union invitees. It'll make for a strong contrast with President Romney's guest list of J.P. Morgan's reanimated corpse and the Monopoly guy, or President Gingrich's guest list of Satan.

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