• Newt Gingrich Saving the GOP from Possible Victory in November

    I hate to be a concern troll here*, but I'm starting to get a kind of "panic" vibe from some conservatives now that the Republican primary voters seem to be shifting their support from safe-but-boring-(and-also-a-little-too-moderate) Mitt Romney to uh-oh-what's-he-going-to-say-this-time Newt Gingrich.

    But this panic can't have any foundation can it? I mean, just a week ago, Romney had a comfortable 23-percentage-point lead over Gingrich. It's not like a gap like that can just vanish like a politician's love for his disease-stricken wife

    Okay, okay. That looks bad. But this isn't the first seismic shift in support we've seen this primary season. Fortunes have gone up and down and up and down until everybody just feels like throwing up a belly full of fried butter.

    I'm sure that as soon as Mitt Romney takes his rightful place in the winner's circle after the Florida primaries a week from now, we'll see things go back to the way the were

    Okay, okay. So, we may not end up seeing that after all.

    But conservatives are always talking about what pragmatists they are. If they're going with Newt Gingrich, then I have faith that he's the best choice of candidates for the national stage. Like, for real, how unlikable can the guy be?

    Okay, okay.

    Well, not "okay" exactly. But you know what I mean.


    * Just kidding. Concern trolling is one of my favorite hobbies.

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