• Ron Paul Endorsed by Oliver Stone

    Oliver Stone directs controversial movies, hangs out with Fidel Castro, looks like Saddam Hussein and is one of those leftist Hollywood elites that contributes thousands of dollars to the Democratic party, so of course he's endorsing Ron Paul

    In an interview with Rock Cellar magazine, Stone was asked if an economic collapse would lead to the fall of the American "empire."

    "I think it’s a given," Stone said. "There’s no way that we can continue this spending spree. In fact, I think in many ways the most interesting candidate –I'd even vote for him if he was running against Obama — is Ron Paul. Because he's the only one of anybody who's saying anything intelligent about the future of the world."

    The Republican party has gone so far right they are indistinguishable from the far left. President Obama, you may need to worry about splitting your base. But then again, maybe not. These two may have more in common than we think.

    Good news Democrats: Your Oliver Stone "problem" has just become the Republican's problem!

    Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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