• Gabrielle Giffords Brings Unity to Washington by Almost Dying

    Gabrielle GiffordsTo those who say Washington is broken. To those who say politicians have no respect for one another, let alone the men and women they represent. To those who wonder if anything can fix the toxic, pervasive culture of partisan enmity, I say, behold Gabrielle Giffords' example

    [The House of Representatives held a] 408-to-zero vote Wednesday morning on the last measure authored by Giffords, a bill that would give federal law enforcement greater authority in combating cross-border drug trafficking.

    Hey! Apparently all you have to do to bypass legislative deadlock is get near-fatally shot in the head and then leave office to focus on salvaging some physical control over the right side of your body.

    Get ready for the DREAM Act to pass as soon as Dick Durbin gets run over by a madman-driven snowplow.

    Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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