• Newt Gingrich: Mitt Romney Is a Weirdo With Only One Wife

    In one sense, Mitt and Ann Romney's 42-year strong committed relationship is the very definition of a traditional marriage.

    But in a country with a divorce rate standing at roughly half of the marriage rate, can a monogamous family man really understand the plight of a typical American better than a twice-divorced adulterer? No, explains Newt Gingrich to the Christian Broadcasting Network

    "It's also important that they recognize that I have not hidden from the facts of my life, that I have confessed my weaknesses, and that I have had to go to God for forgiveness and for reconciliation. And I think most people can identify, either with themselves or with loved ones, that life has moments that are very sad, you wish wouldn't have occurred. And you look back on them and you seek forgiveness for not having done everything you could have.

    "So, I think in that sense, it may make me more normal than somebody who wanders around seeming perfect and maybe not understanding the human condition, and the challenges of life for normal people."

    Who among married Americans hasn't taken a campaign aide to a cheap motel room — to discuss the moral decay of Western Civilization, I bet — ended up having oral sex as part of a ploy to deny "sleeping" with her and followed up the dalliance with a sweet nothing whisper of "If you ever tell anybody about this, I'll say you're lying?"

    Oh, most people haven't? That's just plain weird.

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