• Conservatives Beginning to Rethink This Newt Gingrich Thing

    Future history book passage: "The 2012 Republican primaries were a testament to American voters' resistance to things that make sense." Because Mitt Romney, bless his little wants-to-be-a-real-boy heart, makes sense. Is he the most charismatic guy at the party? No. Is he the one who, standing around the punch bowl, awkwardly overshares about taking a dump on the floor while living in France? Yes.

    But when the alternative is Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, Herman Cain, Rick Perry or Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney makes sense.

    Yet Republicans are only now starting to realize this. And Gingrich, Romney's chief competitor du jour, is starting to feel the heat from conservatives who would really prefer that Obama not be re-elected

    It's as if the conservative media over the past 24 hours decided Gingrich is for real, and they need to come clean about the man they really know before it's too late. This is just a sampling of what's hitting Newt:

    The overnight Drudge Report banner: "Insider: Gingrich repeatedly Insulted Reagan." The headline linked to a devastating takedown by Elliott Abrams in the National Review, who wrote, among other things, that Gingrich had a long record of criticizing and undermining Reagan’s most transformative policies.

    Drudge also linked prominently to the American Spectator's R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.'s similarly harsh takedown of Gingrich over character: "William Jefferson Gingrich." In it, Tyrrell writes: "Newt and Bill are 1960s generation narcissists, and they share the same problems: waywardness and deviancy…"

    Bob Dole issued a scathing statement Thursday that the Romney campaign provided to the National Review in which he said "it is now time" to rally to stop Gingrich…

    Ann Coulter, the conservative columnist writing on her self-titled website, warns: "Re-elect Obama, Vote Newt!"

    Yikes. Newt can at least feel relieved that Beelzebub, Prince of Demons has kept his mouth shut so far. (Maybe he's gunning for a spot on the ticket?)

    The upshot of all this is you better get ready for Newt to concede. He's a humble man.

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