• Rick Perry Somehow Less Popular Than Barack Obama in Texas

    When Rick Perry belatedly entered the Republican race back in August, a goodly number of Republican voters and conservative pundits responded to his arrival as though he were their long-awaited savior, who would do no less than move mountains in his question to restore America's greatness.

    As it turns out, he was capable of an even more amazing feat

    The poll shows 40 percent of Texans approve of the job Perry’s doing as governor — down 10 points from a year ago. He has lost ground among Republicans — from 73 to 60 percent over the past year — and also independents, from almost half to 27 percent.

    Comparably, 43 percent of Texans currently approve of the job Obama is doing as president. "Perry's approval rating is now down there with the president. And that's not a good thing," [pollster Mickey] Blum said.

    Gah! Those numbers can't be real can they? Rick Perry managed to make a good ol' boy dominionist Evangelical Christian uber-conservative Republican governor who advocates states' rights less popular than an African American academic federal-power-expanding liberal Democratic president with a Muslimy-sounding name?!?! Has a feat of such an astounding magnitude ever been achieved before? It seems doubtful.

    This man truly was — as he and his family have stated multiple times — sent by God to enact His heavenly will. But what could the Almighty's intentions have actually been?

    The poll showed that most Texans — 53 percent — do not want to see Perry seek another term as governor. Even some of his strongest supporters — 41 percent of Republicans and 35 percent of those who voted for him two years ago — don’t want him to run again.

    Clearly, God has been angling toward getting Gov. Perry out of office altogether.

    His will be done.

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