• The Jacksonville Debate Awards

    Jacksonville Florida GOP debate

    Best Outrage by a Soon-to-Be-Failed Presidential Contender: Rick Santorum, who worked himself into a pique over every question, except the one about whether or not he likes his wife.

    Best Display of Cluelessness as Virtue: Mitt Romney, who wants everyone to know he has absolutely no idea what is going on with his investments, the same way he has absolutely no idea what his Super PAC's attack ads say.

    Best Effort by a Junior Astronaut: Newt Gingrich, who is serious about that moon colony, at least as long as he's campaigning in Florida.

    Best Attempt to Be Left Alone: Ron Paul, who was "not interested" in non-Fed-related questions, and who said he'd answer calls from Raul Castro by asking "why he was calling."

    Best Old Lady: TIE between Rick Santorum's mom and all the immigrant grandmothers with whom Mitt Romney says he does not have a problem.

    Best Moderator: Anyone but Wolf Blitzer. We'll rescind this award if it turns out that the "why would your wife make a good First Lady" question turns into a jobs discussion when you play it backwards.

    Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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