• President Obama Stimulates the Sexy Song Economy

    Last week President Obama set American hearts aflutter when he sang a snippet of Al Green's soulful R&B hit "Let's Stay Together" at a fundraising event in Harlem. But Obama's crooning didn't just stimulate Democratic hearts, he also provided a major economic boost to the music industry

    Digital sales of Al Green's 1972 hit "Let's Stay Together" are up 490 percent, since a video of the president singing a few bars at a fundraiser surfaced last week.

    According to Nielsen SoundScan, the song was downloaded about 16,000 times last week — making it the best week for the song since digital sales data became available in 2003…

    House Democrats, at a retreat in Maryland, presented President Obama with a CD of the caucus doing a rendition of the song.

    Obama successfully increased sales of the country's number one foreplay song. Now who says the President doesn't create any jobs?

    Perhaps the GOP candidates will follow suit. Mitt Romney could crank out a robotic version of "Love Machine." And what better way for Rick Santorum to apologize to the gay community than to belt out a few verses of "It's Raining Men." Then again, I don't think anyone wants to hear Newt Gingrich attempt to seduce voters. The only thing more disturbing than being with Newt on a moon colony is being with him on a moonlit dinner date.

    Photo by Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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