• Meet Rick Santorum's Sugar Daddy

    Deranged billionaires are usually a lot of fun. They're eccentric, they drive cool bat-shaped automobiles and sometimes plot to block out the sun. But did you know that they also like funding hopeless GOP candidates?

    Meet billionaire Foster Friess, the one guy in America who actually thinks Rick Santorum can, and should, be president

    Foster Friess is the largest financial backer of the political entity running an independent campaign to boost Mr. Santorum in the GOP race… Mr. Friess, 71 years old, said he plans to fund television advertisements for Mr. Santorum in other states in February and March. That could help keep Mr. Santorum competitive against his better-funded rivals and is one reason the fight for the Republican nomination will likely run at least through Super Tuesday on March 6…

    Originally from Wisconsin, Mr. Friess was a reporter in his younger days, writing obituaries and covering weddings for a weekly paper in Rice Lake with a circulation of 5,000. He made his fortune on Wall Street with an investment fund called Friess Associates…He said he belongs to 13 golf clubs…

    Mr. Friess said Mr. Santorum has the best chance of winning the nomination because he "doesn't have to explain Bain and he doesn't have the baggage that Gingrich has."

    Despite Santorum's abysmal fifth-place showing in New Hampshire, third-place finish in South Carolina and nonexistent Florida campaign, Friess is confident that Santorum has the best chance of winning. For a guy who earned his own fortune on Wall Street, this Friess fellow doesn't sound too bright. To support a loser like Santorum — known for his extreme opposition to all forms of birth control — Friess must have a ton of stock in Babies "R" Us.

    But how does Santorum reconcile his reliance on a sugar daddy with his extreme right-wing views? Santorum believes in the supremacy of a two-parent household. If there's a sugar daddy, where's the sugar mommy?

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