• Newt Gingrich Is Trying to Seduce Your Jewish Grandmother

    After sucking up to the Bubbas of South Carolina, it's now time for the candidates to pander to the Bubbes of Florida. As anyone who remembers the 2000 election knows, old Jews hold the key to victory in the Sunshine State.

    And apparently, Newt Gingrich knows exactly where his challah bread is buttered

    At his first rally of the morning, Newt Gingrich rolled out a new attack line: Mitt Romney took kosher food away from elderly Jewish people.

    "He eliminated serving kosher food for elderly Jewish residents under Medicare," Gingrich said. "I did not know this; it just came out yesterday.  The more we dig in, I understand why George Soros in Europe yesterday said it makes no difference if it's Romney or Obama, we can live with either one."

    Newt Gingrich may be great at wooing congressional staffers, but he's a total pro at seducing Miami retirees. He knows the only way to a Jewish grandparent's heart is through their stomach and heart medication.

    Though it is kind of surprising that observant Jews would go near the candidate considering their strong aversion to pork products. Newt sure knows a lot about keeping kosher for a guy who resembles a Christmas ham.

    Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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