• Mitt Romney Wins Coveted "Floridians Who Vote" Demographic

    Newt Gingrich still has the support of casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, whose dependency-inducing contributions to Gingrich's SuperPAC keep the former Speaker from having to take a shower and find a real job; Rick Santorum hasĀ his own sugar daddy; and Ron Paul has reinvigorated the age-old political adage "as Vince Vaughn and Kelly Clarkson go, so goes Snoop Dogg."

    Unfortunately for the aforementioned candidates, Mitt Romney won the highly sought-after "people who actually cast ballots" endorsement in Florida, taking 46.4% of the vote, handily beating Gingrich (31.9%), Rick Santorum (13.4%), Ron Paul (7%), and "Other" (1.3%), which must have been Pat Buchanan riding high in Palm Beach and Miami-Dade. Exit polls showed Romney performing well in nearly every demographic

    He won in every income group. He won among every age group. He won among every education level. He won among whites and Latinos. He won among Catholics and Protestants. He won among voters worried about foreclosures and voters who were not so worried about foreclosures. About the only group he lost were those who consider themselves "very conservative."

    So is the Republican primary all but over? There are some reasons to hope the circus won't leave town for another few months…

    * The eventual nominee will need 1,114 pledged delegates to carry the convention. After last night, Romney has 66 pledged delegates, which if you believe in math is just 6% of the necessary total.

    * The voters have angered Chuck Norris. Failure to comply in the future will result in a round-house kick to the face.

    * A week ago, Romney was polling just above "the kids these days" among Florida's voters, evidence that the race is volatile enough for anything to happen.

    On the other hand, winning the Republican nomination doesn't require being "popular" or "human-like," it just requires being more popular than Newt Gingrich, so who am I kidding?

    Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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