• The Millionaires Behind Mitt Romney's SuperPAC

    In last night's not-concession speech, Newt Gingrich made clear that his presidential campaign of the SuperPAC, by the SuperPAC and for the SuperPAC, shall not perish from this earth as long as Sheldon Adelson keeps the checks coming.

    Yet, the fundraising prowess of Restore our Future, Inc. — a pro-Mitt Romney PAC that can raise unlimited amounts from individuals, corporations and labor unions — makes everyone from Gingrich to Stephen Colbert look like food stamp candidates. Thanks to filings made with the FEC last night, we can learn more about the donors who are behind the completely uncoordinated and independent committee that just coincidentally finances a barrage of advertising in states where Mitt Romney needs a lift…

    Most Cartoonish Capitalist Super-Villain Not to be Confused with Utilitarian Philosopher Peter Singer: Paul Singer ($1,000,000 donation). The hedge fund manager infamously made part of his fortune by purchasing the debts of developing countries like Congo-Brazzaville and using political and legal pressure to enforce settlements against these states.

    MILHD (Mom I'd Like to Have as a Donor): Kristen Hertel ($95,000). While most donors to Restore our Future have deep ties to the financial sector, Hertel lists her profession as "Mother."

    America's Cheapest Patriot: Jonathan Whitesell ($17.76). SuperPACs are typically an outlet for donors who have already maxed-out their legal contribution limit to candidates and party committees, which is not Whitesell's style, but why should plutocrats have all the democracy-corrupting fun?

    Heirs and Heiresses: Jim, Christy, Alice Walton (various amounts). You know the old aphorism: a family that gives together is able to maintain a favorable capital gains and estate-transfer environment, together.

    The Other Koch: William Koch ($250,000, plus $750,000 from Oxbow Carbon, LLC, a company he founded), brother to Charles and David. Good to know the Ringling Brothers are not the only family running the GOP circus.

    We Have to Talk About that Liberal Media: Samuel Zell ($50,000). His Tribune Company is facing $231 million in bankruptcy costs, but a man has to have his priorities.

    Of course with $30 million raised in the last year and Romney's nomination looking more certain, Restore our Future, Inc. may have to make more unorthodox investments. If a home on the moon is too far a stretch, Jon Corzine's Hoboken, NJ house is on the market, in case Mitt's friends are looking to buy him a nomination present. Or maybe they can just buy him a general election.

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