• Five People/Things Whose Endorsements Matter More Than Trump's

    Political blogs, newspapers and pundits have been spilling gallons of digital ink all day over the exciting news surrounding Donald Trump and his choice of who to curse with his nomination. Would it be the guy who isn't very concerned about the poor, or would it be the guy who isn't concerned about the very poor? If everyone in the media wasn't already dead inside, the tension would have killed us!

    In honor of the "major announcement," here's a short list of people/things whose endorsement would matter more than Donald Trump's…

    1. Baby Donald Trump

    Much more adorable than Donald Trump and about as intelligible.

    (via A Million Miles From Normal)


    2. Lonely Flamboyant Tiger

    Just like Trump, he's spent too much time in Las Vegas and he doesn't know what it's like to be human.


    3. The Apprentice PC CD ROM Video Game

    This is a real thing that exists. This inanimate object's endorsement matters more than Donald Trump's.

    (via Amazon)


    4. A Puffer Fish wearing a wig.

    Basically the same thing as Donald Trump, except a puffer fish occasionally deflates.


    5. Two way-tie: Omarosa/Sarah Palin

    This one is really a toss-up. Both of them are reality TV stars but only one of them started a relationship with Michael Clark Duncan after meeting him in a Whole Foods.


    Donald Trump's Endorsement More Damaging Than Valuable
    More Bad News for Gingrich, May Receive Trump Endorsement

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