• More Bad News for Gingrich, May Receive Trump Endorsement

    Update 11:30: Things are finally looking up for Newt. It now appears as though Trump will be going with the guy who shares his penchant for firing people.


    This past week really really hasn't been Newt Gingrich's. First, he learned in last week's debate that unless he's in a perpetual state of condescending upbraid, the Republican base loses interest in what he has to say and wanders off. Then he lost the Florida primary — and all 50 of its delegates — by somewhere in the neighborhood of a billion points. And now new polling numbers show him headed for another blowout opposite-of-victory in the Nevada caucuses this weekend. On top of all that, some ominous news is already encroaching upon his today. And it's not even noon.

    Last night, we learned that Donald Trump is planning to make a "major announcement" today — one that would "pertain to the Presidential race." Oh, well, that certainly sounds majorish. I mean, it's definitely an announcement; you can't get around that. And major is very likely an ajective that could appropriately modify such an thing.

    What could this "major announcement" mean for Newt? Not sure. If he's lucky, it's something innocuous and comical like Trump announcing his return to the primary race, which might actually serve to draw some of the delusional megalomaniacal creepy person heat away from Gingrich. Unfortunately though, sources say the likelihood is considerably more grim

    Word started leaking out in Las Vegas earlier that Donald Trump's "major announcement" is to back Newt Gingrich, and sources supporting the former House Speaker confirmed to Politico that was the case. The New York Times and the Associated Press, among others, also reported the news on their own confirmation.

    This is obviously awful news, for a number of reasons. It's bad enough that Trump might go public and smear his stink all over Gingrich right when his campaign is looking so vulnerable. Right, like Newt needs that on top of everything else!

    But, more so, you have to consider what such an endorsement would actually mean for Gingrich. If Donald Trump wants to endorse him, that means his campaign is over. It's essentially a candidate's death knell. Donald Trump isn't going to risk throwing away the boatload of publicity and potential reality show deal that would come with a "maybe" third party run in the fall because he accidentally endorsed a guy who won the nomination. No way! Donald Trump didn't become the most awful person in America by being stupid!

    Is there any hope for Newt? A little, but it's slim…

    But by this morning, other sources said that Trump's endorsement may actually go to Mitt Romney, who Trump has been lobbied heavily to endorse for the last few weeks. Matt Drudge, who has ties to top Romney officials, was the first to report it.

    Donald Trump does like money. And shiny smooth surfaces. There is the outside possibility that he has been mesmerized by the visage of Mitt Romney.

    We can only hope.

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