• Four Things to Know About the Nevada Caucus

    Nevada caucus Obama mask

    1. The Nevada caucus is important because it is "first in the West," as opposed to New Hampshire, which was "first in the nation," or Iowa, which was "first in terms of actual first," or South Carolina, which was "first in the South," or Maine (also starting its [bizarre week-long] caucus today!), which is "first in the league of states bordering New Brunswick," or Oregon, which will be "first in the bird-putting-on division," etc.

    2. The state's largest newspapers, the Las Vegas Review-Journal and the Reno Gazette-Journal, endorsed Mitt Romney. However, the ladies of the Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel have endorsed Ron Paul (again), in what is either a demonstration of sincerely-held libertarian beliefs or an effective ploy to get people like me to type the words "Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel" on the internet every four years.

    3. Rick Santorum, who sat out the Florida primary in Nevada, is now sitting out the Nevada caucus in Colorado. If he keeps this up he'll be in New Zealand by the time Utah votes.

    4. Some Nevadans have strange turn-ons

    As the crowd began to leave the Republican presidential caucuses at Centennial High School, GOP Assembly candidate Michele Fiore gathered her campaign volunteers in the school parking lot.

    "We just want to make this light and fun," she said.

    Campaign volunteer Justin Loveall, who was grilling hot dogs, smiled. Fiore looked at him.

    "It's warm enough," she said. "Let's do it. Put your Obama mask on. I'm so excited by this."

    I'd tell you what happened after that, but this is a family blog (hint: water balloons were involved).

    Stay tuned! We'll be liveblogging and livetweeting (@indecision) the Nevada results tonight.

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