• Donald Trump Graciously Gives Himself Credit for Romney's NV Win

    Donald Trump was on Fox and Friends this morning discussing Mitt Romney's caucus win in Nevada this past weekend and just generally being Donald Trump, which is to say, a broadly-drawn caricature of Donald Trump

    "There was a lot riding on that particular race in Nevada and it was interesting, because the numbers were much, much greater than you thought," Trump gloated. "And a lot of people are giving me credit for that. And I will accept that credit."…

    "I like Newt a lot, but I think Mitt Romney is going to win the election against Obama," Trump observed. "I really believe that. I think Obama will not do well and won’t do as well as people are thinking he's going to do, and I think that Mitt Romney is going to win the election. But there was a lot of confusion as to who I was going to endorse and frankly, that made things exciting!"

    I, for one, am happy to see this softer, more humble side of Donald Trump. Okay, yes, he's taking credit for several weeks and half-a-million dollars worth of campaigning after dropping his endorsement into the bucket two days before voting began and long after all polling showed a massive blowout coming Romney's way.

    But he's not taking credit for the New York Giants' defeat of the New England Patriots* in yesterday's Super Bowl game. And I think that shows genuine growth of character.


    * I should note that the only acceptable outcome of last night's game was somehow for both teams to lose. And for a piece of a broadcasting satellite to fall on Madonna. Alas.

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