• Pete Hoekstra Wins Creepiest Super Bowl Ad Contest [Video]

    For sports fans, the Super Bowl is the culmination of all that is good and holy about football and the American way. But for people who hate America, there are always the commercials.


    So which advertisement emerged as this year's creepiest? Was it GoDaddy's never-ending crusade to corner the highly lucrative misogynist idiot market? Or GM's scurrilous suggestion that a Ford won't survive the Mayan apocalypse?  Alas, no! The winner is former congressman Pete Hoekstra's ad, aired in Michigan as part of a campaign against Democratic incumbent Sen. Debbie Stabenow, featuring a young Asian women speaking pidgin English

    "Your economy get very weak. Ours get very good [sic]," the actress says, in broken English.

    "Thank you Michigan Senator Debbie 'Spend-it-now'. Debbie spend so much American money [sic]," the actress says, without a Chinese accent. "You borrow more and more, from us…we take your jobs. Thank you Debbie 'Spend-it-now.'"

    The Hoekstra campaign called the advertisement "satirical" and explained the broken English in the video as a reflection of China's increasingly competitive education system.

    Me likee being educated by Pete Hoekstra on the economics of Chinese-American economic relations. For example, I learned that American Treasury bonds are apparently owned by rural rice farmers and not, say, urbanized middle-class factory managers.

    If the Hoekstra brand of lameness feels familiar, it's probably because you remember him from his Internet-winning tweet in 2009: "Iranian twitter activity similar to what we did in House last year when Republicans were shut down in the House." At least now that he's facing harsh criticism for this masterpiece advertisement, he knows exactly what the early Christians went through.

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