• President Obama Alienates Blue Dogs, Raw Dogs

    Barack Obama has made health care reform one of the signature issues of his presidency. Although he mentions the Affordable Care Act less frequently now due to its perceived unpopularity, Obama is still working behind the scenes to expand access to preventative and reproductive care.

    But not everyone shares his enthusiasm for women's health. After losing the support of moderate Democrats in late 2009 over abortion funding, the President now appears to be alienating the crucial condom-hater vote

    Catholic clergy on Sunday called on the faithful to write Congress to protest new birth control rules from President Barack Obama's administration, stepping up a campaign that began a week ago with denunciations from the pulpit at Masses across the country.

    The fight is over a provision of the health reform law announced on Jan 20 that would require health insurance plans — including those offered by institutions such as Catholic-affiliated hospitals and universities — to offer free birth control…

    The White House defended the policy, saying that only institutions such as hospitals that service a large non-Catholic community would have to offer free birth control. The administration also said the availability of birth control would reduce the number of abortions.

    Although the rule will require insurers to provide women with the pill at no cost, it will not impact the most effective form of birth control, New Gingrich's face.

    Eager to bash Obama and raise his poll numbers, devout Catholic and Duggar-impersonator Rick Santorum has joined his fellow bareback enthusiasts in speaking out against the new policy. Unfortunately, Santorum and Gingrich's enthusiasm for the pull-out method does not extend to Republican primaries.

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