• Ron Paul Glitterbombed, Prophecy Complete

    You're no one in the GOP race until you've been glitter bombed by a protester, which must be why no one had yet bothered to glitter bomb Ron Paul.

    Alas, at a Minneapolis rally last night, Ron Paul's eyebrows were finally festooned with a spray of sparkles

    This time the culprit was not glitterbomb inventor Nick Espinosa, but a man calling himself "Charlie McAwesome." And while a traditional glitterbomb usually accompanies a pro-gay rights message, McAwesome says he yelled, "Housing and healthcare are human rights not privileges!"

    Oh wow, this all makes sense. Even if Ron Paul's bomb wasn't explicitly for gay rights, it must have still completed the prophecy.¬†You know…

    Prophecy 8: And thus it shall come to pass that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals shall rule a ban on gay marriage unconstitutional once a man who calls himself Charlie McAwesome endeavors to propel glitter upon the one known as Ron Paul.

    Charlie McAwesome will now take his place in the pantheon of heroes.

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