• CPAC Attendees Surprisingly Unamused by Romney Joke

    This morning at the Conservative Political Action Conference, condomless wonder Rick Santorum was greeted by an extended standing ovation.

    Unfortunately, his sugar daddy didn't get quite the same reception

    The top donor to Rick Santorum's presidential campaign, Foster Friess, took a dig at Mitt Romney while introducing the former Pennsylvania senator at CPAC Friday morning.

    "There's a little bar a couple door downs, and recently a conservative, a liberal, and a moderate walked into the bar. The bartender says 'Hi, Mitt,'" Friess joked as a mix of boos and applause rained down from the crowd.

    It's actually kind of a clever joke — even better than the joke of Rick Santorum believing he can win the general election.

    Maybe Friess should go on the road with his comedy routine. If he's ever booed or heckled again, he can politely remind his GOP audience that he doesn't come down to where they work and knock the dicks out of their Cheney. And if he needs a good punchline, just mention Newt Gingrich.

    Photo by Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons

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