• Mitt Romney Wins Maine, CPAC, News Cycle for Few Days

    This past week, Republicans of Maine took leisurely trips at their own pace to polling centers to cast their primary votes and make their voices heard loud and clear: We are willing to accept Mitt Romney as our party nominee, we guess

    Mitt Romney won the Maine Republican caucuses Saturday, ending a string of defeats by overcoming a strong challenge by U.S. Rep. Ron Paul in a closely watched race.

    Ron Paul, the conservative Texas congressman, came in a close second, his best showing in the primary season and the result of an energized and well-organized campaign. Romney received 39 percent of the votes, while Paul gathered 36 percent.

    Narrowly edging out Ron Paul! That's gotta feel so good! Like somehow managing to best a incredibly smart chicken at Tic Tac Toe. You don't forget victories like that anytime soon.

    And if that doesn't put a wallet-sized lump in your throat, let this soak in: Mitt Romney — the all-but-inevitable Republican nominee — actually managed to get a conference full of conservatives to choose him over an unelectable insane person who wants to outlaw contraceptives, by an entire seven percentage points!

    At CPAC, the former Massachusetts governor nabbed 38 percent of activists’ support to edge out Rick Santorum, who finished second with 31 percent.

    Following a Friday speech aimed directly at conservative core principles, Romney said Saturday he was "honored" by the CPAC result. "I'm heartened that so many friends here agree with me about the need for conservative change," he tweeted.

    And at the Conservative Political Action Committee. What are the odds?

    Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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