• Mitt Romney's Hilarious New Google Problem

    When you hear the name Romney, a few words come to mind: robot, millionaire, flip-flopper, Massachusetts, hair.

    And now, there's a new one. Dog Diarrhea

    Yes, it's a little bit immature, but search "Romney" on Google and you'll see spreadingromney.com high up on your results (right behind Mitt Romney's Wikipedia page this morning; image below) with this definition:

    "1. To defecate in terror 2. Former Governor Mitt Romney." This is a reference to "Crate-Gate," the story of how Romney's dog Seamus reacted to being strapped to the roof of the candidate's car…

    Google's algorithm depends a lot on popularity. And Spreading Romney's 3,416 Facebook "likes", 1261 Tweets, coupled with shoutouts from sites like New York's Daily Intel and Romney's not-so-solid inevitability as of late all helped it climb up the Google results chart.

    Poor Mitt. After three major losses in the Midwest, a near loss to Ron Paul in Maine and a precipitous drop in the polls in his native Michigan, the former governor is now literally getting shit on by his critics.

    With his presidential prospects looking dimmer and dimmer, I'm surprised Romney hasn't Romneyed all over his Dockers.

    It's OK, Mitt. In the future, everyone will have their 15 minutes and their own Google problem. Let's give the other candidates a head start…

    Gingrich 1. To leave your wife on her deathbed. 2. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich.

    Paul 1. To be obsessed with gold. 2. To write racist newsletters and feign ignorance. 3. Texas Congressman Ron Paul.

    Gary Johnson Error- No definition found.

    Photo by Richard Ellis/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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