• Ten Events with Higher Attendance than the Maine Caucuses

    The Maine Republican party declared Mitt Romney the victor of the state's nonbinding caucus straw poll despite the fact that not all scheduled caucuses have met (thank goodness Ron Paul's camp isn't prone to conspiracy theorizing or else this would be quite the kerfuffle) but with only approximately 5,500 participants (2% of registered Republicans), it's worth considering how Maine's enthusiasm compares to other turnout figures:

    1. The 2011 Ames Iowa Straw Poll; 16,892

    2. The 2007 Ames Iowa Straw Poll; 14,302

    3. Pretty much every Ames Iowa Straw poll since 1995.

    4. Call this one a tie: the average yearly attendance at a Portland (Maine) Sea Dogs minor league baseball game; 5,510 (via Alec MacGillis)

    5. A Mexico City zombie walk in which "participants are dressed in rags and ghoulish makeup to look bloody and decaying;" 9,860

    6. A one-day job fair hosted by the Congressional Black Caucus in Atlanta, Georgia; approximately 6,000.

    7. The combined participation at CPAC 2012 and 2011 straw polls; 7,150.

    8. A sold-out WWE Raw performance at Maine's Bangor Auditorium; 5,948.

    9. May 2011 special election for Maine's State Senate District 7. Control of the State Senate was not at stake; 7,626

    10. Rick Perry's 2011 prayerfest; 30,000+

    Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

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