• America Doesn't Mind That Obama Hates Babies

    What does it take to whip the American public into a decent self-righteous froth these days? Apparently, manufactured controversies about theoretical dead babies just doesn't cut it anymore

    Since the birth control controversy broke, it has been an article of faith among even some neutral commentators that the battle would cause Obama to lose crucial support among Catholic swing voters.

    But Gallup has performed a new analysis of its tracking data that should complicate this assertion: Obama has suffered no meaningful downturn in recent days among that consistuency, even among church-going Catholics…

    "Our analysis basically shows that Catholics' opinions of Obama are little changed through Sunday," Newport told me. "Our article will show that we can detect little change in Catholic approval so far."

    So strange. I would totally have thought this decades-old incredibly popular life changing medical advancement would have been more fertile ground for political posturing.

    Photo by Mike Theiler-Pool/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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