• College Girls Hold Newt Gingrich-Themed Sleepover Party

    Newt Gingrich SleepoverI'm sorry, I think I need a few moments to recover from the shock of typing the actual phrase "Newt Gingrich-themed sleepover party." That is now a thing that exists in the world.

    The slumber party was held last week by Republican students at New York University. As NYU College Republican club president Andrea Catsimatidis Cox told Buzzfeed

    Even on a campus as liberal as NYU we have some great conservatives. There is a lot of support for Newt on campus. A lot of college students are drawn to his big ideas that are needed to solve our country's problems…

    Our club can't endorse candidates but I got together with a couple of friends from the club who share in my support for Newt. We thought it was a fun way to share our political passions…We spent the night discussing Newt Gingrich and the 2012 race against Obama and watching political movies. Overall it was a fun evening and a fun and if I may add creative way to show our support for our favorite candidate.

    They probably played fun sleepover games like Lie or Dare and Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Flat Tax. Perhaps they used a Ouija board to commune with Ronald Reagan's ghost. It must have been really fun when they gave each other makeovers while blindfolded and turned out looking just like Callista Gingrich.

    What's most surprising about a group of pajama-clad 20-year-olds getting together to talk about welfare and the moon is that Newt himself didn't crash the party. Whoever falls asleep last gets to be Newt's new mistress!

    Photo courtesy of Facebook, via NYU Local

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