• One of a Kind Candidate: Raaheela Ahmed, Prince George's County, MD

    Raaheela Ahmed, 18, is running for the District 5 seat on the Prince George's County Board of Education in Largo, Maryland. Somebody needs to remind this University of Maryland freshman that she was already accepted to college: she doesn't need to pad her application with any more extracurriculars.

    Ahmed has the sensible idea to teach people useful skills. She wants to add classes on fiscal responsibility, like how to use credit cards appropriately and how to pay taxes. Wait, we're not supposed to send the IRS those fake credit cards that come in the mail?

    She also wants schools in her district to offer more classes that teach a trade. A trade skill sounds pretty good right about now, since a whole lot of us have degrees with no market value. Not that the poetry majors are complaining. Or are they? Hard to tell. But maybe if we learned to do things with our hands instead of staring at them because "My hand is…like, MY hand, man," we wouldn't be in the mess we're in now. Just kidding, it's still Merrill Lynch's fault.

    If even one kid receives enough training to get a job after they graduate from her school district, Ahmed would be doing more than every "job creator" just a few miles down the road inside the Capitol Beltway. So DC, pay attention and maybe you'll get schooled by the woman in school who got out of school just in time to join the school board.

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