• Rick Perry Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving

    This Valentine's Day, it's important to know that the greatest gifts are the ones you can look forward to enjoying again and again. Flowers wilt and are eventually eaten by the dog. Chocolate goes stale and is eventually eaten by the dog. Ultimately, you're left with nothing but some memories and no dog. That's why the best gift I received today was news that Rick Perry might run for president again in 2016.

    After being asked about his experience debating the 2012 GOP candidates at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference, Perry replied

    "Debates have absolutely nothing to do with governing. But they do have everything to do with political theater," Perry said reviewing his performance.

    "It was great practice," he said of the debates.

    Asked if that was a reference to a possible 2016 run, he responded "it could be."

    If Perry's 2012 run was just practice, his 2016 gaffes are going to be off the hook! Maybe he'll spray paint the n-word on his front door, or forget what a government is, or propose a law where no one is allowed to tell children where babies come from. Maybe he'll order us to water our crops with Brawndo. The possibilities are endless.

    I, for one, hope we never get rid of Rick Perry, and that he'll stick around forever, like another gift you'll always remember: incurable gonorrhea.

    Photo by Jonathan Gibby/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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