• GOP Holds Hearing on Women's Health Without Women

    In an effort to win over the electorate of 1956, congressional Republicans have taken up birth control as their new wedge issue. Unfortunately, it's hard to start a culture war over something that 99% of the culture supports.

    But the GOP pressed ahead today with a full-blown congressional hearing, and who better to testify on this important women's issue than a panel composed entirely of men?

    Female members of the Oversight and Government Reform Committee walked out of a hearing on the contraception policy after committee Chairman Darrell Issa (D-Calif.) refused to allow testimony from Sandra Flake, a Georgetown University law student who supports the administration’s policy.

    Because she couldn’t testify, the hearing started off with an all-male panel of religious leaders answering questions from male lawmakers. The optics were hard to miss…

    Witnesses from Catholic, Protestant and Jewish organizations testified Thursday that even though they don't have to subsidize employees' birth-control coverage, the policy remains a threat to their religious freedoms.

    It makes sense that a congressional hearing on women's health would contain neither women nor health experts. It was organized by public servants who have no interest in serving the public.

    Of course women shouldn't be able to testify about their own reproductive health needs. In order to help draft an unpopular law that sets women back 50 years, you must have a pair of testicles. Because that kind of arrogance takes a huge set of balls.

    Photo via Nancy Pelosi/Twitter

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