• Newt Gingrich Probably Not Going to Be President, Sorry

    I know that was a bold headline, but just hear me out. Mitt Romney's still the guy to beat. And for a while it looked like the guy to beat him was Newt Gingrich. (Although to be fair, for a while it also looked like Rick Perry.)

    But no more. The anti-Romney mantle seems to belong to Rick Santorum now, and Newt's strategy for reclaiming it is what some might call risky. Others might call it destined to fail and come on, seriously, what are you doing Newt, please just stop because this is getting embarrassing.

    Why don't you decide

    So far, the former House speaker's campaign has shown little inclination to play in the three states that will hold their contests before March 6, a risky strategy that could pretty easily backfire…

    "If Santorum wins four states in a row, then Newt Gingrich's campaign will be crispier than a McDonald's French Fry at the Fukushima Power Plant," said GOP strategist Dan Hazelwood. "Gingrich can’t allow this to continue and still raise money to pay for coffee — much less a campaign."

    What a simile! I was going to go with more irrelevant than a Supreme Court ruling that President Gingrich disagrees with. Or in more hot water than Newt Gingrich after he committed all those ethical violations as Speaker of the House, or when everyone found out about how he cheats on his wives a lot.

    I guess there'll always be creative differences.

    The main point is that Gingrich is really gambling here. If he doesn't perform well in Arizona, Michigan or Washington, all of which vote before Super Tuesday, then his campaign will be finished. Good thing he's preparing…

    Gingrich has hired some staff in Washington and is now pledging to visit Michigan…

    Hired some staff? Pledging to visit?

    "Gambling" could've been the wrong term. Maybe "setting himself up so that he's 100% certain to lose."

    That's more like it.

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