• Question of the Week: What Are Women For?

    Men and womenThis week, our nation has answered some thorny questions in gender politics:

    Does a congressional witness panel on access to contraception and religious conscience require the presence of women? (No.)

    Does it require Democrats? (Also no.)

    What do Rick Santorum and Foster Friess call their birth control method? (Bayer-backing.)

    But none of the questions get at the essential underlying conundrum. In an era in which they're no longer Bayer-foot and in the kitchen, just what are women for? Fortunately for all of us, one man has an answer. Unfortunately, the answer was written using the grammatical structures of ancient Romulan, which I'm unable to translate. Take it away, James Poulos of the Daily Caller in a column titled "What are women for?"

    In a simpler time Sigmund Freud struggled to understand what women want. Today the significant battle is over what women are for. None of our culture warriors are anywhere close to settling the matter. The prevailing answer is the non-answer, a Newt-worthy challenge to the premise that insists the real purpose of women is nothing in particular.

    I always thought the "purpose" of women in an open society was to be whatever they wanted to be, but oh God, there's more word vomit…

    Such an answer may or may not be a landmark in the progress of the human race, but it is anathema to most conservatives of any political party, and for that reason conservative folkways, prejudices, and ideals are once again on trial…[T]he left’s alleged philosophical uniformity on the woman question is a complete fabrication…The purpose of lifting the left's Potemkin skirts is not to score tits for tats…Lip service is often paid to the impression that the point of empowering women is to empower them to do whatever they want, but… [the liberal] framework hasn't come anywhere close to answering even the most basic questions about what women are for…

    Feel free to offer your own interpretations. As a dude, I'll be fine even without a word-barf to English translation, but we have lady writers on this blog and I'm sure they're dying to know what they're for.

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