• Tennessee One Step Closer to Banning the Word "Gay"

    Everyone knows that if you don't say something out loud, it no longer exists. Bills, relationship problems, tumors. They simply disappear if you ignore them long enough. It's, like, Science 101. Duh!

    So, it makes total sense that an adult human with a functioning brain would try to stop the spread of evil, evil homosexuality by banning people from talking about gays in schools

    A bill that would ban teaching Tennessee kids about homosexuality before they reach the ninth grade was approved by a state House subcommittee Wednesday, reigniting an emotional debate in the buckle of the Bible Belt…

    The bill, authored by Republican lawmaker Stacey Campfield, passed the state Senate last year. Campfield prefers to call it a "Don't Teach Gay" bill, and has said it is necessary because homosexuality is more dangerous than heterosexuality.

    Campfield recently incorrectly asserted on a a satellite radio talk show that the HIV epidemic began when a gay airline employee had sex with a monkey. His statements have earned him national attention and the ire of gay rights supporters both nationally and locally: A restaurant in his hometown of Knoxville recently refused to serve him.

    This whole Don't Say Gay strategy probably won't work. After all, I've never said "Stacey Campfield" aloud, but unfortunately, he still exists.

    Perhaps Mr. Campfield is just sensitive about being called gay after growing up with the first name Stacey. So remember, if you ever run into him in the Tennessee General Assembly, don't say "gay." Just say "repressed."

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