• Lose Weight NOW with the Newt Gingrich Diet

    Newt GingrichSince Newt Gingrich is, apparently, still running for president, reporters are still digging up dirt on the candidate. Buried inside a Washington Post piece on Newt's secret condemnation of St. Ronald Reagan is this hidden gem about the candidate's dieting habits.

    Turns out he's a big crash dieter

    When a staff member referred to Gingrich as “the big man” in a 1984 memo, he scrawled at the top: “The big man? I am on Scarsdale,” an apparent reference to the then-popular Scarsdale diet.

    As the Atlantic Wire found, Newt has cycled through a number of fad diets over the years. Just like his hero, Oprah

    In the mid-1990s, Newt gained the weight back, but soon returned to the dieting game. In the first six months of 1997, he lost 25 pounds. That began with a diet that allowed more chewing — "broiled chicken, broiled steak, baked potatoes, and more broiled chicken"… No more beer.

    By August he'd lost 25 pounds, and only had to go 10 or 15 more to get to his goal weight of 205, The Washingtonian reported. He even considered talking about it on Oprah. By August 1997, Gingrich's plan had more variety.

    When visiting Salt Lake City, The Deseret News reported, "his staff circulated a lengthy list of diet do's and don'ts." Do's: Healthy veggies, garlic or onion powder for flavor, a snack at 4p.m. Don't's: Canned veggies, cooking in butter or oil, salt. But it didn't last.

    Hmm. Maybe that's why Newt's so fascinated with the moon. He just wants to weigh less.

    With a gravitational field one-sixth that of Earth, the moon would allow Newt to reduce his weight just by stepping out of a spacecraft. No diet, no exercise, and an immediate weight loss of over 80 percent. That's way more effective than Bill Clinton's beloved South Beach plan.

    Who knows? Once his presidential bid ends, maybe Newt can make a fortune with his own patented moon-based weight loss regime. "Big ideas and even bigger weight loss: That's the Newt Gingrich Diet."

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