• Palin Team Criticizes Elitist "Subscription-Only" HBO Movie

    Sarah PalinGame Change, HBO Films' soon-to-be-released docudrama about the rise of Sarah Palin in the latter months of the '08 presidential election — or, as SarahPAC describes it, "a subscription-only television movie sensationalizing 40 pages of a three-year-old book about the 2008 presidential election" — won't premiere for another three weeks, but it's already coming under fire from the Palin's people, who (probably correctly) are assuming that it will be a somewhat unflattering portrayal of Sarah Palin.

    Though, to be fair, one can make an argument that Sarah Palin is a somewhat unflattering portrayal of Sarah Palin

    "I haven’t seen HBO's latest effort at manipulating history," [SarahPAC treasurer Tim] Crawford said. "However, based upon the description and reports from people who have viewed the film 'Game Change,' HBO has distorted, twisted and invented facts to create a false narrative and attract viewers. They call it a docu-drama; there is little "docu" in it. HBO must add a disclaimer that this movie is fiction."

    Look, it's bad enough that they're portraying her negatively. But everyone does that. What must be really galling is that they're "distorted, twisted and invented facts," when that's clearly her thing. Have these scoundrels no honor?

    Palin, for her part, seems pretty much unfazed by the impending film. Julianne Moore's portrayal is just one more in a long string of notable unflattering impersonations — which, not for nothing, includes longtime Indecision friend Sara Benincasa, whose new book Agorafabulous! was just let loose upon the world — that feed into the overall myth…

    "I'm really not concerned about an HBO movie based on a false narrative when there are so many other things to be concerned about," Palin said. "I think we're going to call that a Sarah Palin Employment Act, and you guys need to thank me for employing more people probably in their imitations of Sarah Palin than the president has put Americans to work."

    Actually, she kind of has a point. Just think of all the people she put to work: There's Sara Benincasa and Julianne Moore and Tina Fey and, um, what's that other person's name? Oh, right, Sean Parnell.

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