• Polls: Betty White Way More Awesome Than Thomas Jefferson

    Happy President's Day, where we honor our nation's leaders by holding furniture sales and conducting surveys in which Americans are asked to pretend to have an opinion about obscure former chief executives.

    The leader in the latter category is Public Policy Polling, which reports that it's all been downhill since George Washington, with 89% of voters seeing him favorably, and only 3% unfavorably. But how do our celebrated presidents stand up to the real celebrities? There is only one methodologically-flawed way to find out. Behold, the five most popular and unpopular U.S. presidents as aligned against the Ipsos ratings of their celebrity betters…

    1. George Washington (89-3%)

    Betty White (86% favorable)

    2. Abraham Lincoln (85-7%)

    Sandra Bullock (84% favorable)

    3. Thomas Jefferson (74-6%)

    George Clooney (73% favorable)

    Peyton Manning (68% favorable)

    4. Teddy Roosevelt (66- 9%)

    5. John Adams (55-9%)

    And what of our least favored leaders?

    1. Richard Nixon (27-59%)

    Charlie Sheen (52% unfavorable)

    2. Lyndon B. Johnson (34-42%)

    Tiger Woods (42% unfavorable)

    3. Warren Harding (12-19%)

    4. Millard Fillmore (7-12%)

    Mel Gibson (33% unfavorable)

    5. Herbert Hoover (25-29%)

    Yeesh, what do you have hipsters have against Warren G. Harding? He was president before it was Coolidge!

    Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

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