• Michele Bachmann Moving to New District to Keep Congressional Seat

    Michele Bachmann suspends her campaignWho is Michele Bachmann without a megaphone with which to scream her half-considered inanities? I mean, who is she really? Without the congressional seat and the television cameras and the people who are forced to pretend like the things she says are meaningful, she might as well be some lady who breeds ferrets, flashes the paperboy and brushes her teeth with sardine paste.

    That's why it was kind of disturbing there for a while when — after Bachmann dropped from the GOP primaries — we learned that that her district full of like-minded crazy people was being restructured out of existence.

    But good news, everyone! Michele Bachmann is resolute in her determination to have an audience for her feverish rants. In fact, she is willing to move mountains to keep what's hers. Or, at any rate, move residences

    The map, released Tuesday afternoon, was crafted by a five-judge panel that had been tasked with drawing the lines after Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton and the Republican-controlled state legislature failed to reach a compromise on the state's redistricting.

    The court placed Bachmann in the same Democratic-leaning, 4th district seat as nearby Democratic Rep. Betty McCollum, but it left an adjacent, northern Minnesota-based 6th seat vacant that the Republican congresswoman has chosen to run in.

    Bachmann, whose Stillwater home is located in the new 4th district, immediately announced on Tuesday that she would move in order to run in the 6th district.

    It's so comforting to know that we're never getting rid of her. Ever. No matter what.

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