• The Singing President Strikes Again!

    You thought it was a one time freak occurrence. But oh how wrong you turned out to be.

    You can run, but you cannot hide your earholes from… the terrifyingly dulcet tones of the Singing President!

    It was the latest (also: the loudest, wildest, most dynamic, most exciting) in a series of semi-regular concerts hosted by first lady Michelle Obama celebrating the American songbook…

    As the evening's performers finished off "Sweet Home Chicago," Guy summoned the president to the stage. "I heard you singing Al Green," he said, referring to Obama’s recent crooning at the Apollo Theater. "You done started something, and you gotta keep it up now!"

    Yeah, you can tell the President really needed his arm twisted there. I'm starting to get a bad feeling that this presidency will be devolving into one of those kitschy lounge acts…

    Obama: Did somebody say we need a bill singed into law?

    Aide: No, we said "signed."

    Obama: Luckily, I have my personal microphone here in my pocket.

    Aide: "Singed" isn't even a word.

    Obama: And a one, and a two…

    Actually, I wouldn't be completely opposed to that.

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