• GOP Candidates Use Debate to Attack President (Bush)

    The GOP debates have given candidates an opportunity to energize voters against the current Democratic regime. So it makes sense that they'd use their screen time to attack the President.

    But at last night's debate, they picked the wrong one

    While Bush wasn’t directly invoked during the debate, almost everything the candidates were arguing about last night (No Child Left Behind, the 2004 Specter-Toomey primary, the debt-ceiling votes, TARP, the 2001 airline bailout, the 2002 steel bailout, the “Bridge to Nowhere”, the 2001 earmark for the Olympic games) all took place during the Bush years.

    So, in that respect, the Republican presidential candidates ended up criticizing Bush as much as they criticized President Obama.

    The candidates oppose TARP, No Child Left Behind and the Bridge to Nowhere, but where do they stand on the Teapot Dome scandal? And what about the Sherman Antitrust Act? Why has no candidate taken a firm stance on the Spanish-American War or any policy from the 1800s. The Republicans' views on women are stuck in the 19th century, why not their attacks?

    By focusing on Obama and Bush, Republicans are missing out on the chance to attack 42 other presidents. Come on, guys, Chester A. Arthur and his Gilded Age mutton chops have had it coming for a while now.

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