• Indiana Creationism Bill Goes Extinct

    Bummer news for Indiana residents. Despite the heroic efforts of certain factions of their state legislature, they will not be able to preach evidence-free creationist theories in science classes, leaving just every single other aspect of their lives in which to preach it

    A bill that would have specifically allowed Indiana's public schools to teach creationism alongside evolution in science classes has been shelved by the leader of the Indiana House of Representatives.

    The proposal cleared the state Senate two weeks ago, but Republican House Speaker Brian Bosma is using a procedural move to kill the proposal for this legislative session.

    "It seemed to me not to be a productive discussion, particularly in light that there is a United States Supreme Court case that appears to be on point that very similar language is counter to the constitution," Bosma said Tuesday. "It looked to me to be buying a lawsuit when the state can ill afford it."

    So, there you go. A victory for science. A short term one at least. I think it's a pretty safe bet to assume that this effort will eventually evolve to adapt to this changing legal climate. It's all part of God's plan.

    (via Center for Inquiry)

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