• Jon Huntsman Calls for Third Party Candidate Not Named Jon Huntsman

    Jon Huntsman — who was laughed out of the Republican primary for the unforgivable sin of accepting empirical evidence — was on Morning Joe this morning, talking to Joe, and he seemed more than a little upset at the speed with which his political party is sprinting toward the Dark Ages

    "Gone are the days when the Republican Party used to put forward big, bold, visionary stuff… I see zero evidence of people getting out there and addressing the economic deficit — which is a national-security problem, for heaven's sake," he said. "I think we're going to have problems politically until we get some sort of third-party movement or some alternative voice out there that can put forward new ideas."

    Okay, technically speaking, there already is a third party movement in the U.S. And a fourth party. And a fifth party. And a nineteenth party. I always wonder how many walls get punched in the Libertarian, Green and Constitution party headquarters when people like Huntsman go on television and opine about a lack of third party options.

    Though, to be fair, I believe Huntsman might be talking about a viable third party option. One that actually tries to build a political movement from the bottom up and doesn't just nominate stunt candidates for impossibly high profile positions once every four years and recruit a bunch of impressively-contrarian college students to scream at TV cameras outside debates.

    So, who should lead this charge to the tertiary promised land of American politics. That's still open for debate. But one person who it's not going to be is apparently set in stone…

    "That ain't gonna be me, by the way; I know the next question. I'm not interested in that," he said.

    The clarification is appreciated, if not particularly necessary. No offense to Huntsman, but he's not exactly the Cult of Personality-type leader I think a movement like this would require. And I don't think that "Let's be a little bit less willfully ignorant!" would be a particularly-effective rallying cry.

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