• Lou Dobbs Warns: The Lorax Is a Pawn of Occupy Wall Street

    It's kind of difficult to keep track of all the special interest groups that are rotting America straight through from the core out. Let's see. There's the gays, obviously. And poor people. And the Latino immigrants looking for better lives here. They definitely hate America. Then there's all the women who want to have slut sex 24/7. They're practically a terrorists organization at this point. Who am I forgetting? Oh, right! Children! Terrible communist children.

    Let's not even get into the whole Terror Babies thing right now. (Way too traumatic!) We've got other child-related battles to fight. We recently witnessed righteous conservative culture warriors open up fronts on the new Muppets movie and on the Girl Scouts of America. Now, we have to turn our attention to a brand new insidious threat: the Lorax

    With Universal's colorful animated tale The Lorax, "the President's liberal friends in Hollywood [are] targeting a younger demographic using animated movies to sell their agenda to children," claimed an outraged Lou Dobbs this week on Fox News… As conservative radio host Matt Patrick bellowed from the commentator pit, "We are creating Occu-toddlers!"…

    In the classic Seuss story — adapted into a 3-D animated adventure that hits screens next week — a magical creature called The Lorax attempts to intervene as an industrialist, driven by greed, ravages an entire ecosystem.

    Let's just be clear here: the lines, as I see them drawn at this point are: People who are anti-greed, anti-meaningless destruction on one side; and conservatives like Lou Dobbs and Matt Patrick on the other.

    Choose a side, people!

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