• GOP's Plan to Win the Latino Vote: Ignore All Vaguely Latino Issues

    With their tough stance on illegal immigration, opposition to the DREAM Act and general disregard for lower-income families, Republicans seem like natural enemies of the Latino community.

    Despite these differences, the GOP is trying desperately to win them over. Meet Bettina Inclán, the Republican in charge of convincing Latinos to vote against their own interests

    In late January, on the eve of the Florida primary, Bettina Inclán, the 32-year-old head of Hispanic outreach for the Republican National Committee (RNC), appeared on Fox News opposite progressive activist Simon Rosenberg to discuss the Latino vote…

    Inclán's strategy during the Fox News segment seemed clear: She gamely tried to direct the conversation toward just about anything other than the GOP candidates' views on immigration. When Rosenberg brought up Romney's "anti-immigrant, anti-Latino" campaign, Inclán… smiled and responded by criticizing President Obama's record on the economy…

    [F]our of the key swing states in this election… have large Hispanic populations. But how can a party appeal to a group toward which it is directing such harsh rhetoric? That is the dilemma Bettina Inclán will have to solve. As Rosenberg told me, "She's got the hardest job in politics."

    It sounds pretty easy, actually. All the Republicans have to do to win over Latinos is avoid talking about immigration, taxes, education, the economy and pretty much any other issue that's important to Latinos.

    In any case, this wouldn't be the first time Republicans tricked an entire demographic into voting against their own interests. Despite dismantling the middle class and subsidizing multimillion-dollar corporations, Republicans manage to capture the vote of working-class white men every year. I guess blue-collar workers have been screwed so many times, they think the GOP is in love with them.

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