• Sarah Palin Aide Talked to Villainous HBO

    Conservatives, take note: nothing good can come of talking to liberal Hollywood elitists, especially if said liberal Hollywood elitists are planning to make a movie about your former boss.

    Much ink has been spilled about HBO's new Sarah Palin movie, featuring Tina Fey lookalike Julianne Moore in the lead, but that's only because people like Jason Recher make it so much fun. Recher, a former Palin aide who offered to formally consult with screenwriter Danny Strong on the movie, is now saying that the film's depiction of Palin is false

    Recher insisted that, based on the trailer and accounts about the movie, the film paints Palin negatively and claimed screenwriter Danny Strong had prevented him from fact-checking it.

    Oh yeah, the movie hasn't actually been released yet. I guess his conservative Spidey sense must just be tingling, which is kind of like Democrats' political acumen, except that it actually exists.

    The real question is why Recher was getting in bed with Hollywood at all…

    Recher said he made the offer "so he could get the view of a pro-Palin person. … I wanted to make sure my voice was heard and I wasn't used as a pawn," he said of the suggestion of a formal agreement…

    The question of whether he wanted to be compensated was "ridiculous," he insisted.

    An adviser to a free-market conservative offering his services for no pay? Now we know the fix is in.

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