• Utah House Follows Polygamist Warren Jeffs' Lead on Contraception

    The failure of Virginia legislators to brand their transvaginal ultrasound bill as a Liberty Probing or a Freedom Tickle has resulted in Governor Bob McDonnell calling for a revision of that legislation, which means it's up to other states to the lead in the regressive sexual politics Olympics. Utah, step right up

    A bill to allow Utah schools to drop sex education classes — and prohibit instruction in the use of contraception in those that keep the courses — moved significantly closer to becoming law Wednesday. The House passed HB363 by a 45-28 vote after a late-afternoon debate that centered largely on lawmakers' differing definitions of morality.

    "We've been culturally watered down to think we have to teach about sex, about having sex and how to get away with it, which is intellectually dishonest," said bill sponsor Rep. Bill Wright, R-Holden. "Why don't we just be honest with them upfront that sex outside marriage is devastating?"

    As the Salt Lake City Tribune's Polygamy blog — a thing that exists — explains, polygamous sect leader Warren Jeffs went to prison to do two things: send crazy rants to Utah legislators and chew bubble gum. And it looks like he's all out of bubble gum…

    "Let schools be purified," he writes from his Texas prison cell in the latest set of purported revelations from God, which his followers copy and mail out by the thousands. "Cast out all immoral way of teaching to be unclothed before one another, for such promoteth evil in youth from youngest years."

    On the bright side, an abstinence program that involves having to listen to Warren Jeffs and Rep. Bill Wright talk about sex is bound to be pretty effective.

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