• One of a Kind Candidate: John Lackey, La Grande, OR

    John Lackey is one of the few, the proud, but definitely the few: he's the only candidate running for an open city council position in La Grande, Oregon. The two council members up for re-election are running unopposed as well. So are the county commissioner, the sheriff, the assessor, the clerk, the surveyor and the treasurer. That's right, La Grande called it quits as soon as they got enough warm bodies to fill the seats. So while the rest of country is burning the midnight oil until November, La Grande will have their election wrapped up at the primary, which leaves more time for- whatever it is one does in La Grande, Oregon.

    Here's the thing. Nobody wants to run for office because nobody wants his or her dirt dug up. When you get right down to it, we're really not so different from the politicians we write jokes about–some of us abuse our power, some of us dress up in diapers, and we all practice good old-fashioned tax evasion (or is that just me?). The problem is, politics is supposed to be a competitive sport.¬†"Politicians need to be held accountable and, even if voters think everyone currently in office deserves to be re-elected, they shouldn't be given a free pass. New blood is critical to democracy," a La Grande Observer editorial said, a bit sinisterly.

    Well, tell that to the people in La Grande.  They're perfectly happy to disenfranchise themselves and elect anyone who's willing to take the abuse. So here's to you, John Lackey, for not being afraid to expose yourself to the critical public eye. Just please don't have a history of exposing yourself to the public's eyes.

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