• That Kissing Marine Photo

    I'm sure you've probably seen this photo of Sgt. Brandon Morgan of the U.S. Marines and his partner Dalan Wells kissing each other after Morgan's return from service in Afghanistan. It was posted over the weekend and already has nearly 16 thousand likes on Facebook, which probably translates to something meaningful in the real world.

    I've gotta say, though, I feel a little bit weird about it.

    I remember a time when real men would go out of their way to hide stuff like that. Hey, they can be however God made them in the privacy of their own homes. But I don't know. Do people really want to see a United States Marine going around like that? Don't you think it takes away a little from the heroic mystique?

    Call me old fashioned, but I guess I'm just not ready to see soldiers proudly showing off their obvious balding spots. Can't that guy wear a hat or something?

    On a totally unrelated note, did you happen to notice that both people in the picture are guys? That's pretty cool, isn't it?!

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