• Mitt Romney Survives to Lose Another Day

    Now that the presumed-eventual-nominee has pulled off the Herculean task of winning the state that he grew up in by a handful of percentage points — not to mention pulling off a big win in a big Mormon state — we have to ask ourselves: What does this mean for Mitt Romney?

    Surely, now that he has proven himself capable of limping to victory in two states he was expected to win since the beginning of the campaign season, the Republican base must have warmed to his coat rack-esque charms and accepted him as their man, right? Well, you'd think.

    Rick Santorum — who, outside of Republican circles, is widely considered to be an overly broad caricature of a social conservative — is actually looking pretty strong in the big prize Ohio contest going into Super Tuesday next week

    Romney trails Rick Santorum by 11 points in the latest Ohio Poll from the University of Cincinnati.

    The poll finds Santorum with support from 37 percent of likely GOP voters surveyed. Romney is in second with 26 percent support, followed by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich at 16 percent and Rep. Ron Paul (Texas) at 11 percent.

    And whispers of a brokered convention in Tampa Bay are getting a bit louder.

    So, we're left to ask, will Mitt Romney actually be able to pull this off? Can he actually cross the finish line and find himself crowned the GOP nominee? Will it happen?

    Well, yes, obviously. I mean, have you seen those other options? The idea of any of them winning the nomination is absurd to the point of practically being not worth discussing.

    What it does mean, though, is that Romney is going to have to do the conservative clown dance for a lot longer — at least a couple more months. And though that may be entertaining for us, it can't be very good for his general election campaign.

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