• Sweater Vests vs. Partial-Birth Abortion: A Comparison

    Rick SantorumLately, Rick Santorum has made an attempt to connect with working-class voters by talking up his plan to boost manufacturing and discourage students from attending the bacchanalian orgy pits called "college."

    But economic issues have never been Rick Santorum's forte. An analysis of Santorum's speeches on the Senate floor shows that his most frequently used phrases were: partial-birth abortion, abortions, Roe v. Wade, fetal, skull, womb, and — just for giggles — Iran.

    Also, he frequently sports a sweater vest.

    A lesser organization would set aside these facts as having no possible relation, but at Indecision, we look beyond coincidences to find the intricate connections…

    Partial-birth Abortion Sweater Vest
    * Gestation terminated at up to 60% of full term. * Knitting terminated at 60% of full sweater.
    * Terminates pregnancies. * Prevents pregnancies (except in long-term matrimonial relationships).
    * Condemned as a crime against morality. * Condemned as a crime against fashion.
    * Unfortunate last resort for victims of rape or incest. * Unfortunate result of tank top/sweater incest.
    * Banned by federal statute. * Somehow still legal.

    Photo by T.J. Kirkpatrick/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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