• Wyoming Legislature Prepares for Zombie Apocalypse

    Different states attract tourists in their own ways. California is known for its beaches, Maine for its lobsters and New York for its culture and nightlife.

    But, if well-planned post-apocalyptic survivalists societies are your thing, then come on over to beautiful Wyoming

    Responding to economic instability both in the U.S. and abroad, lawmakers in Wyoming are advancing what is quickly becoming known as the "Doomsday Bill.

    "If enacted, House Bill 85 would create a "government continuity task force" to study how a variety of crises would affect the state, such as an economic meltdown, a U.S. constitutional crisis, or disruptions in food and energy supplies, according to the bill's text. The law also suggests looking into providing an "alternative currency" if the U.S. dollar should collapse…

    "This isn't about doomsday," the bill's sponsor, Republican state Rep. David Miller told The Daily Caller. "It is just planning. I don't want people thinking that the federal government is going to be there every step of the way to solve all of their problems."

    When faced with the prospect of total economic collapse, why waste precious resources on silly projects like creating jobs or stimulating small business? As the rugged individualists of Wyoming know, the proper response is to form a government task force to help residents grab their guns, build bomb shelters and start collecting canned beans. You see, Wyoming lawmakers don't want to be in the business of solving your problems, just causing them.

    I suppose it's nice to know that even in the event of a zombie apocalypse, Wyoming will have the most ideologically pure libertarian zombies in the country.

    Those state legislators are really using their BRAAAAIIIINS.

    Photo by iluvrhinestones/Wikimedia Commons

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