• Roy Blunt: This Birth Control Thing Is Over When I Say It's Over

    Roy BluntRemember that birth control thing everyone was getting upset over a little while ago? When male lawmakers and religious leaders were trying to make decisions about women's health without the messy, overly-emotional input of women?

    Simpler times. Adele topped the Billboard charts instead of being number two, and February had only progressed two full weeks, making it the shortest month on record ever up to that point.

    Well, looks like those times haven't quite ended

    The Senate is set to vote this morning on repealing President Obama’s birth-control mandate, although the legislation isn’t expected to pass.

    The effort, sponsored by Republican Roy Blunt of Missouri, would let employers refuse to include contraception in health care coverage based on their "religious belief or moral conviction."

    Wait, that's what this whole thing's been about — religious freedom? I've misunderstood all along. Now hold on, I've got to go start the First Church of Denying All Health Benefits To Heather Feldman Who Said She'd Go To 8th-Grade Prom With Me But Then Went With Craig Instead Because He Had A Mustache.

    Photo by Brendan Smialowski-Stringer/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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